Our values

Adversity, Experience & Expansion

Do or Die!

Founded in 1970, the Barker fashion stores thrived in South Wales with eight key locations. However, by the early 1980s, industrial upheaval threatened, and economic delined forced the closure of all but one last store in Cardiff. Bankruptcy loomed, and the family home was on the line.

1986, step up a determined 16-year-old Stephen, a natural retailer who navigated the challenges and steadily reviving the family business. By 1990, he had redefined fashion store with inspired customer service, and introducing exclusive products like Barker Baggies to set the destination apart from the competiotion.

In the heart of Cardiff, the store transformed into a fashion powerhouse, thanks to Stephen's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and service. Stephen muses, "Joining my parent's business straight out of school was a trial by fire. Real-world adversity only sharpens our ability and strengthens our resolve."


In 1992, Charlotte joined Barker's retail, shining at the Swansea store with her knack for management and visual merchandising.

Her expertise fueled growth, marking her as a retail authority. Charlotte and Stephen, partners since 1992 and married in 1999, have two sons, Kurtis and Kane.

Together, they transformed the family brand, securing spaces in esteemed stores like Selfridges and Harrods. Their combined skillset fortified their customer-focused approach for future endeavors



Recognizing the shift from high street to digital in 2010, the Barkers innovated with a chic espresso bar in Cardiff's Castle Arcade.

Though starting small, Coffee Barker, with its attention to detail, quickly drew a dedicated crowd.

By 2013, what was once a fashion store had fully evolved into this popular coffee haven, characterized by its ambient setting and lively coffee chatter


A Family Legacy

Kurtis and Kane Barker began assisting in the family business during weekends as youngsters, later dedicating full-time upon finishing school.

Leaning from foundational roles to spearheading the company's growth, the brothers have shaped each venue's ambiance and steered brand concepts.

Now key to the senior management, their passion for innovation drives the company forward.



Vintage Tea & Coffee Co is driven by a team spanning eleven venues with over 250 professionals dedicated to our customers.

Charlotte Barker states: "We've worked hard to revitalize Cardiff's Castle Quarter, transforming it from a dead retail area into the hottest social spot in Wales, and we are committed to consistently investing in our visionary concepts, thriving establishments like Gin & Juice, Coffee Barker, Rum & Fizz, Barker Tea House and Maison De Boeuf."

Under the guidance of the Barker family and their senior management, the business has relentlessly opened thriving venues while attracting other successful operators to the adjacencies nearby. The VTC group also has opened destinations in Park Street Bristol, Mumbles Oyster Wharf and Cheltenham Montpellier, with more openings soon.



the future

The continued commitment to excellence and operational precision promises significant company growth and hundreds more excellent job opportunities for inspired new employees wherever a new destination is opened.

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